Flock is used in many different fabrics and garments, with finishes like suede or velvet and in the printing or transfer designs on T-shirts and underwear. It can also be found in home decoration, upholstery, curtains, blankets, wall papers and other home textiles.

Flock is widely used in the automotive industry. It has the advantage of being both a thermal and acoustic isolator and because of its soft and warm touch it finds applications in window channels, door seals, glove boxes and other compartments, seats, door panels and ceiling, pillars A-B-C, and also within different parts to reduce noise, condensation and vibrations.

Packaging – Cosmetic – Others
A lot of packaging consists of items that are flocked for example luxury packaging for perfumes, jewellery, gifts, glasses, and other object to make them attractive and protected. It can also be found in lipsticks, make up pads, mascara and other cosmetic products.
It is also used in toys, models, electric train scenery, in 3D printing, gift cards, books, latex gloves, Christmas decoration, wooden industry, paint rollers, pads, mouse mats, and lots of other similar objects.